6 Ways to Make Someone Feel Comfortable With You

If you’re shy, or have some kind of social tension or anxiety, at that point making people feel great and comfortable around you may appear to be an unfavorable feat.

Your more socially graceful companions can walk into a room, light it up, and put everyone at ease. But, you? Indeed, you’re sovereign of the awkward joke and leader of the declining or downhill discussion.

While this is an adorably quirky characteristic in the right circles, it’s not actually the most winning quality when trying to score new companions.

But, never fear: There are ways to turn yourself around socially, and become the sort of person everybody gravitates towards.

The ability to make others feel great and comfortable is important to have a cheerful life. This ability is essential in the work environment, with family, with companions, or even when conversing with strangers.


Whenever you connect with someone else, you are sending them a host of verbal and nonverbal communications that pass on everything from your present mindset or mood to your conclusion on a given topic.


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1. Get Your Smile On :

If you want to be incredibly friendly or approachable while additionally making people feel comfortable with your presence, at that point focus on what your face looks like.

“A smile is one of the clearest invitations you can send that you are open to interaction,” Barton says. Simply be certain it’s natural, and not some plastered on a smile — that will put on a show of being more frightening than inviting.

2. Show Confidence :

A firm handshake, genuine grin, and tall posture will give you the confident swagger you need to be the life of any party. When you meet a new person: lock eyes for a short second, grin, shake hands, and state something like, “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you! My name is Theodore. Theodore Roosevelt.”

We all know it’s very simple to overlook a person’s name when you hear it, so expressing it twice will build the chances that you will be remembered.

To show trust and confidence in your posture: keep your head tall, look forward, chest high, and shoulders down and back.


Make an effort not to cover your face with your hands or fold your legs, however, rather keep your body as open as possible to reflect an inviting personality that will make people feel comfortable around you.

3. Give Off A Confident Vibe :

Regardless of whether you’re secretly feeling apprehensive or nervous, projecting a confident vibe will help put others at ease.

“A confident person is commonly a lot simpler to be around than somebody who is awkward in her own skin,” said manners master Debbie Mayne, on Etiquette.About “Be simply the person who has direction and the self-assuredness to be calm and ease in all settings.

4. Pay Attention :

Always remember: it’s not about you–it’s about them. People are more diverted or distracted than ever in the information Age, so simply focusing on the other person without gazing at your phone at regular intervals will show them that you care.

Make eye contact while they talk (but don’t stare!). Don’t interfere with them until they are done (but do ask applicable subsequent inquiries!). Do your absolute best to show people how thoughtful and caring you are to put them at ease.

5. Allow The Honesty To fly :

People can tell when you’re aren’t being honest or truthful, or when you’re keeping something down. What’s more, it doesn’t make for the most elevated comfort levels. That is the reason dropping a little honesty is a smart thought.


As Kristin Wong said on Lifehacker, “When you tell the truth, you have a superior possibility at building an outstanding relationship with that individual.” And that is your objective after all, right?

6. Remember To Be Nice :

Alright, so above anything else, make sure to consistently be a pleasant and nice person.

As Mayne stated, “The initial phase in putting others at ease is to be kind and helpful to everybody.” Not that it needs clarifying, yet saying thank you, sending sweet notes, or offering little favors will go far in making people feel great.

What’s more, that is the foundation of helping them feel more good and comfortable around you. Be decent, be caring, throw in some compliments, and you’ll be winning people over in no time

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