7 First Date Tips For a Delightful Time

When you are going on a first date with a stranger or someone you met on a dating app or even someone you knew before – you are bound to feel a little nervous and worrisome. This is enough to ruin the first date.

Hence, it is wise to prepare yourself in advance and here are a few tips which you can use:


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1. Finding the right place:

The place sets the tone of the date to follow. Hence, finding the right place is very important. If you know what the other person likes, it is easy to decide. However, if you are meeting a stranger, a normal café or bar is just fine.

Firstly, chose a safe place as you never know with a stranger. Secondly, choosing a posh restaurant, and either one realizes you are not the one. Then you are stuck for a long day. Hence, any public place with something to drink or eat will do fine for a first date.

2. Keep it casual:

Many people think of the first date as a sales pitch, where they wear an expensive dress and other things. Instead, it a time to know if the other person is your type.

So, if you keep it low-key, it is actually easy to get an accurate sense of what the other person is. Hence, getting dressed for the date is absolutely fine, but it needs to be controlled. You are there to have a nice conversation and talk about each other. So, keep this in mind.

3. Don’t have high hopes for the date:

Meeting someone you talked to on hours in your mobile is special. But you need to keep a lid on your expectations. Even though you think this might work out, there is a very high chance it won’t.


Hence, having high hopes always hurt. You should go with an open mind and think no farther than the second date as of now. Hence, expect no farther than a nice conversation about each other.

4. Prepare what you will talk about:

This is where most people destroy their chance the most. Hence, first, we will discuss what you shouldn’t do:

• Don’t talk about your ex. You should mention them but no discussion

• Sensitive topics like religion, politics are best for later dates

• Skip small talks; talking about the weather isn’t what you do on the first date.

You should go prepared with things you want to talk about. These things should be about the things that are currently happening in your life. For example, how excited or bored you are about the new project at work.


This is a great way to say where are you working. Such smalls things will always lead to conversation. If not, you should have 4 to 5 such mission talks. One or the other will work.

5. You are not the only person pitching:

First date is equal opportunity for both to pitch themselves. You need to understand this. Hence, going on a mission to impress the other one might work, but you won’t be sure if the other person is right for you.

Hence, you can start by pitching yourself but also observe what the other person is doing and if he is interested in you. So be a good listener, look interested to send signals that you are interesting.

6. There are restrictions on the first date:

Meeting someone face to face is a new experience altogether. Hence, it is better to hold yourself back. A hug might not be the right gesture, even if you know the other person. Now we understand, many might say that hold hands to show intimacy, but it can also make someone uncomfortable.

A less creepy way is to make eye contact for intimacy but not for long. Other than this, there might be some topics which the other person might not be comfortable to talk about. So keep these things in mind.

7. Have fun:

Last but not least, you are going there to have fun. So, keep all your present work, tension aside and just go and meet the person. Try to have fun. This is because if you don’t fancy the other person, you can still have fun and it won’t feel like a waste of time. You would feel down and more excited to go next time with someone else.

These are seven tips that will help be better on your first date. Even if you fail, you will get better with time. So don’t lose hope.

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