7 Tips to Be Your Own Boss

A handful of perks are associated with being your own boss that all seem quite obvious.


But, what remains behind the sheets is the struggle engrossed in your mind when you decide to be your own boss.


From the very beginning (since our birth), we tend to remain in our shells and follow the orders given to us by different sets of people. To start with, we abide by the rules of our parents, our teachers, and finally of our own mind! 


Now, you need to decide who the boss is and who is controlling whom?


To control our mind and to get out of what is known as the “mind slavery,” we need to introduce two of the most important elements of our routine lives – discipline and patience.


Once you dig deeper to these two attributes, you will know how to master your mind.


Here are what these 7 tips to be your own boss are:

1. Stay True to Yourself:

They say a harsh truth is better than a comforting lie. If life offers you failure, accept it with your chin up. Never cover up your failure with an excuse.


Deep down, you know it well yourself and by sugar coating everything you are just making yourself weak and vulnerable.


If you fail, it is okay! Now you will have something to learn from it

2. Start Saving:

Once in your life, you will get to know the importance of money. According to one of the great financers, you should start saving money from your early 20s so as to create a financial stability in your life.



Savings will also help you back up your future troubles and you will be able to concentrate on bigger things in your life. Be it even a little saving, but saving is actually quite important.

3. Be Your Own Support System:

Life becomes simpler when you stop relying on others. Besides, why do you need anyone else to give you a shoulder when all you can do is console all day long?


Being your own boss simply means to pick yourself up as soon as you fall down. For that, you would need to indulge in self-knowing for a long time.


The best idea would be to be the person you are finding in someone else.

4. Never Stick To Your Own Comfort Zone:

Famous people describe a comfort zone as a slow poison, which is quite true if you deeply think about it.


You can never fly high if you choose to keep yourself within the restrictive boundaries of a particular zone.


The world offers a truckload of things to learn, understand and experience for which time is a limited quantity. Use it wisely and grow out of your comfort zone every now and then. 

5. Don’t Be Needy:

Being needy is when you are relying on other people to accept you, your jokes and your personality, to be precise.


Be yourself, in your own way and never be sorry for it.


Remember, the only person you need approval from before doing anything is your own conscious.



Thinking about other’s reactions is a big dumpster which only sucks one in. 

6. Set Up Goals Regularly:

If you have ever thought that you need to do your hard work only till a certain time comes and you can just chill afterwards, then you are living in a false hope. Make your hard work a fun thing from which you never want to take a break and keep setting new goals!


Achieving pre-set goals is one of the most satisfying things in this world.

7. Health is Important:

People usually deny giving time to their health, which they soon regret later. The first and foremost concern should be health, without a doubt.


Indulge in a fully-fledged exercise routine and be regular in it. If you choose to do for your body right now, your body will do for you in the future. 

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