9 Signs You Are A Possessive Best Friend

Friends are very important parts of our life. We rely on them for mental and emotional support, sharing things with them we find hard to share with our relatives. These keep many of us in fear of losing them. We start to become possessive of the one we tag our best friend. This is not an ideal thing to do as it can drive them away from us. So here are nine signs that you are a possessive best Friend.

1. You tell everyone about them

You talk about them always and let everyone know that both of you are best friends. No matter what the topic of conversation is, you always find a way to bring them up and their deeds. This in itself is not bad until it becomes excessive.

2. You are overprotective

You believe your best friend is unique and vulnerable and that it is your duty to protect him/her from this cruel world. You go the extra mile all the time, all in a bid to keep him/her safe.

3. You judge their love interests

Whenever your best friend reveals a wish to date, anyone, you put that person under a microscope. You scrutinize them and try to find reasons why your best friend shouldn’t date them. This can affect your friendship if your friend feels you are sabotaging his/her relationship. They can start to hide things from you.

4. You feel jealous when s/he spends time with someone else

This is not only possessive, but it is also borderline obsessive behaviour. You become quite resentful when your best friend spends time with anyone but you. Or get angry at those with whom your friend is spending is/her time with.

5. You hate those who hurt them

We often are friends with people who our best friend has had a bad experience with. However, if you are one of those who hate people for this, without attempting to get the facts, then you are crossing the possessive line and need to check yourself.

6. They forgive their ex, but you don’t

People move on in life, and they end not caring much about their ex. This helps them forgive their ex. However, if you find yourself unable to forgive their ex and move on, you are being overprotective, clinging on to the past, and frankly being unreasonable.

7. Your partner doesn’t like your devotion

If you are dating someone but constantly bring up your best friend, there is a high chance they would find this devotion odd and over the top. They might start to doubt your commitment towards them and even wonder if you prefer your best friend to them, especially if your best friend is of the opposite sex.

8. You hate it when someone else calls them their best friend

Getting angry or obviously rattled when someone else claims your best friend is their best friend is a sure sign that you are possessive. It is not fine nor is it cute. It is something you must do away with the moment you notice it.

9. You are angry when they don’t ask you for help

One regular feature of friendships is being able to ask for and give help. This is more so between the best of friends. However, if you find you react angrily to not being asked for help, or consulted over a problem, you are a poor, entitled, and possessive friend.



If you see yourself more than once in this article, chances are you are a possessive friend, and you need to change before it is too late.

ment you notice it.

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