A Guide to Help You Develop Self-Awareness

“To be aware of a single shortcoming within oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else.” ~ Dalai Lama


A self-aware person is probably the rarest kind to find in the 21st century. This is an era of Photoshop, selfies, and filters. While we are blinded by the glamor of the outer world, and often tend to forget that the out worldly or materialistic things hardly affect us.


In fact, it is one’s inner self that one should be concerned about. Only a self-aware person knows his limitations and strengths. He is open to learning and owns up to his mistakes. He is the one who knows himself better than he knows anybody else.

These are few pointers to help you develop self-awareness

1. Introspect:

The first and the foremost step in developing self-awareness is introspection. Look deep within yourself. Understand your strengths. Know your weaknesses. Understand what calms and soothes you.


Reflect upon your actions and think of the repercussions of your actions. Meditation is another way to introspect oneself.

2. Get feedbacks from your stakeholders:

Ask those closest to you like your family, friends, office staff, customers, etc. to get a regular feedback on your progress.


Know how they see you. Is there something that they see in you that you haven’t seen yet?


Bring in the change within yourself as and when required.

3. Keep a record of your experiences:

Keeping a record of your experiences might be a little tiresome, but that’s one of the sure fire ways to know whether introspection is helping you or not.


You will be able to recall and reflect upon your actions if you have maintained proper records. And this will help you to learn faster.

4. Take psychometric tests:

There are various self-help tools available in the market to help you understand yourself better. Take psychometric tests at regular intervals to know and understand the changes in your behavior and self-analyze them.

A self-aware person may commit mistakes, but will never forget to learn a lesson from it. He will understand and reflect upon his actions on a regular basis and is open to welcome new experiences in life

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