Best Office Exercises that Get You Fit At Your Desk

The technological advancement has positively impacted our lives and has rewarded us with numerous benefits. But with these benefits, we are prone to many health issues. Today is the world of sedentary jobs, and technology has made humans even lazier.
Everything from getting a cup of coffee to calling any of the coworkers can be done while sitting at one place. This in return has triggered health-related illnesses that most of the people are facing today.
We entirely admit that you do not have enough time to leave your desk for exercising, that is why we are here with some easy to perform office exercises that can make you fit while you are not leaving your desk.

1. Tap your feet

It is one of the most straightforward exercises you can do while working on your desktop. All you have to do is tap your feet rapidly on the floor, perform it in a way as if you are jogging on a spot. You can perform this exercise at any time of the day and without letting anyone know about what you are doing.
Commence the exercise with a slow start, and they move towards rapid pace. You will notice that while performing the exercise, your heart rate will increase. Also, the muscles in your legs will feel the strain, and you will get overall better blood circulation.
Keep in mind that tapping your feet will generate some noise and you have to make sure that there is a small carpet between your feet and the floor to curtail the effects of the sound produced.

2. The praying position

The praying position is yet another exercise that is simple but very effective for the body. You can carry out this exercise during those boring board meetings. What you have to do is, keep your back straight and rest your feet on the floor. Now join your hands in a position like you are praying to someone.
Press your hands against each other with a considerable amount of force for at least 10-20 seconds. Then release the position and again repeat the same. This exercise is exemplary to keep your arms and cores perfectly fine.

3. The wall sit

Well for this exercise you have to leave your desk, but we all do the same whenever we need water or we go on a washroom break. Find the nearest wall to your desk and stand against it tightly. Now make a sitting position while your back is resting against the wall.
Make sure that your buttocks are in the air and you are taking no external support other than your back. Remain in this position for some time and then you can hop-up to your desk.
If you feel it hard then, you can carry a book with you, or you can read a newspaper to distract yourself while you are performing wall sit exercise.

4. Chair Dips

Who said that dips are also possible in the four walls of the gym! You can perform chair dips inside your office to keep yourself healthy and fit. Stand up and look for a chair that is robust enough to bear your weight. A cushioned or padded chair will work great as your hands will get some additional support.
Now try to perform dips while taking help from the chair. Hold the chair with your hands and use the strength of your arms and the cores to lift your body.
Do a set of 10 dips and take some rest in the meanwhile time. You can do two sets of 10 dips each day to keep your muscles active and fit.

5. Shadow boxing

Now is the time to keep your desktop or laptop away! You can perform shadow boxing exercise while hitting the air. Try to do this exercise as swiftly as possible. This is so because your body will generate more heat and you will ooze out more sweat.
Keep a napkin with you while you are performing shadow boxing.

6. Seated leg raise

Seated leg raise is an abdominal exercise that has a multitude of benefits. You can perform this exercise while sitting on your chair. Raise your legs one by one and keep them in a parallel position for about 30-40 seconds. Repeat this for at least five times for one leg and then bestow some rest to your legs.
Wrap up
Sedentary job needs your strict dedication, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay fit. Incorporate these exercises to your lifestyle and see the magical difference.

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