Celebrating Valentines Day When You Are Single

“Don’t let singleness be your bleeding edge, make it your strength and led your life at fuller extent”


February 14 has rolled in again and the air is charged with the yearly tinge of romantic love. The one day in the whole year that has been appropriated for the display, sometimes lavish, of love with the exchange of gifts and vows.  Couples are everywhere smiling and just being downright mushy as chocolates, teddy bears, gifts and cards exchange hands.



In all that excitement, there are those of us looking on from the sidelines because for one reason or the other, we do not have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with. This, however, does not mean we cannot participate in this celebration of love. Of course, there are those of us who do not care or know what the fuss is all about.



Valentine’s Day is not just meant for those who are plunged in love, here are some sure-shot things you can do to pamper yourself like never before.

1. Don’t pay attention

This might be harder than it sounds but it is doable. You can be one of those who does not see what all the fuss is about and just remain generally uninterested.



This usually works for those of us who have been single for quite a while and are quite comfortable in our singlehood.

2. There is a time for everything

All things are subject to time and relationships are no exception! You are in one this moment and you are out the next. It is a given that being in a romantic relationship is not just about selfies and gift sharing, it comes with responsibilities. Some of us are unable to fulfil these responsibilities or just find that we do not want to go that extra mile to fulfil them with that particular person.


So, maybe this Valentine, if you are single take the time to re-evaluate and decide on how you want to love and be loved.

3. Start loving yourself

Whether you are single or not this is indispensable. To love someone as you should, you have to first love yourself. To fall in love with someone else you need to fall in love with yourself first. When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.


Most importantly, you don’t need another person to complete you. You are complete in and of yourself. Others can only compliment you, not complete you.

4. Treat Valentine’s Day as any other day

If you are single then there is nothing wrong with it. You do not need anyone to be happy. When a person is single, he/she is solely responsible for his/her own happiness. Focus on the positives; you have so much of ‘me’ time. Take advantage of this time to explore yourself and chase your dreams.

5. Take yourself out on a date

This never gets old we repeat Never! Having a lover on the Valentine’s isn’t necessary when you can be your own lover! Take yourself out on an exquisite date, go to a cafe or a restaurant, and celebrate this day with yourself.


If you are worried about being around couples, you can binge-watch your favourite movies with a box of chocolate, ice cream, and even popcorn to help the movie along. You could as well pick up a book, get snug and comfortable and send the day reading (if you love reading). 

6. Hang out with buddies and family

If you are staying home alone and also, do not want to be around couples then you can plan a something with your friends and/or family. Valentine’s Day is a day of love right? We can as well use the day to validate our relationship with friends and family. Validate and solidify.

Hang out with your tribe of friends, invite them over to yours or go over to theirs. Love comes in more than one form

7. Groom yourself with some makeover and spa

Fall in love with yourself all over again by transforming your entire look. Go to a salon and get a haircut or a hair colour. You can also celebrate this day by relaxing in a spa; there is nothing as pleasing as lying on the massage bed and relaxing.

8. Order a palatable meal

The best and proven way to forgot what’s going on is having a bowl full of delicacies you love. Valentine’s Day is an indelible occasion for singles too if you know how to celebrate it. You can have the cuisines in the cost of pennies as most companies out there are proffering humongous discounts for Valentine’s celebration. “Let food be your valentine and get amused with the day as its best”.

9. Plan a vacation

There are tremendous perks of planning a short and crisp vacation to some place with beautiful serenities. It will help you to avoid the city hustles while keeping you in the lap of fresh breeze (if you choose to visit mountains). In fact solo travelling is an exemplary thing and is an out-of-the-box way to spend the day.


Here are a handful of helpful tips you should keep in mind


Keep yourself distant from romantic movies:



If you are the one of those who are soft a heart then you should bid adieu to romantic movies for that particular day. Try to watch something that contains a unique storyline, some action, or get inside something new you have never watched. This will help you with better focus and you can easy neglect the fuss of Valentine’s Day.

10. Don’t indulge in negative talks:

Who said being single sucks! Being single is one of the best things if you know how to embrace it. Do not call your so called negative friend and get in a negative talk to hurt you on a next level. Instead have a conversation with someone who is fully loaded when it comes to positivity. Share some positivity and nurture yourself.


Wrapping it up



This Valentine’s Day shower love where it is needed the most! And it is also the perfect time you should pamper yourself and your mates (who are single too). Get ready and hit the shopping centres to enjoy hefty discounts on almost everything. And the impeccable thing you can do is paying a visit to the nearest NGO and sharing some love with the ones who can return you with the most.

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