Dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

You might ask why you can’t quit fixating on what you look like, why you can’t quit looking in the mirror, or why you can’t quit picking your skin. In the event that you have an inclination that you’re persistent enthusiasm for your appearance is controlling your life and causing a lot of hopelessness, you are actually suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. And you know the biggest problem is, almost half of us are suffering from this disorder in one way or the other. Let’s fight back with this problem:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others:

  Comparing yourself to others or thinking stuff like “Am I better than this particular someone in my group?” is the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself. You have to keep the fact very clear in your mind that you are a completely different individual with different body type and lifestyle

2. Know what triggers you:

  Acquaint yourself with your own triggers. Your own triggers are circumstances, individuals, items, and recollections that remind you of your insecurities related to your body type. Try to avoid such situations as much as you can.

3. Maintain a journal:

  Write down your obsessive thoughts you get, thoughts that trouble you and share this with your therapist. Don’t forget to mention the events when you were successful in fighting with these thoughts.

4. Eat and Sleep Properly:

  It’s really necessary to eat healthily and get proper rest in order to maintain both your physical and mental health. Besides eating habits really affect your physique.

5. Don’t isolate yourself:

  Stay socially active. You may feel like staying alone and not going out because of your complexes but this is the only way you can actually fight BDD. Staying alone can lead to depression and anxiety and you might not want any more problems in your life.

6. Learn stress-reducing techniques:

  Join meditation or yoga classes It can really help you in reducing the stress and negative thoughts that have been making way into your mind involuntarily.

7. Reach Out when you are down:

 BDD is a constant fight with your own self and sometimes this fight can get ugly, make sure you reach out to someone when it gets out of control. The people around you can help you.

8. Introduce more activity into your life:

  Physical activity and exercise can help manage many BDD symptoms, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Consider walking, jogging, and swimming, gardening, or taking up another form of physical activity you enjoy.

9. Get help from a Therapist:

 An advisor who knows about BDD, or treats the issue that is comparative (OCD, dietary problems, and so on) can enable you to beat indications of BDD, enormously increasing the adapting aptitudes you encourage without anyone else.

10. Get out of your Comfort Zone

  There are different ways that you can give yourself reality checks, the dominant part of which incorporates achieving something terrifying and cumbersome, related to your BDD contemplations or direct. This moment will by then empower you to comprehend that the dreaded lead isn’t as frightful as you thought it was by all accounts.

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