Exercises to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Exercises to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a very powerful tool that makes life a lot more fun and easy. For example, if you are self-confident in your work, this vibe radiates the people around you.
This leads them to respect you and even admire you. This goes a long way, as you can see in leaders around the world.
The biggest example of self-confidence is Steve Jobs, he didn’t have the technical expertise, but his confidence inspired people to develop revolutionary things.

So, now the question lies about how to boost your self-confidence? Well, here are a few daily exercises that will help you do so

1. Learn A Power Pose :

“Fake it till you make it” , this is a lesson that has made so many careers around the world that it is incredible. Let’s break it down to understand this concept.
The majority of people can’t read what’s going on inside a person’s head. Hence, they believe what you and your body say. So, if you fake both of these, the majority of people won’t be able to make the difference.

You just need a few people to believe in your talent. To make people believe you, you need a few power pose of sitting upright, confident speech, chair position, adequate dress up, etc.

Once you fake it enough, everyone would believe in you boosting your self-confidence enormously.

2. Learn To Smile And Remain Silent :

We often underestimate the influence; a smile or silence makes. When we are having a bad day, but if we still smile, it sends a message to people around us; you won’t give up at any cost.

A lot of people often misunderstand self-confidence as a person who boosts himself everywhere. That is why you see trash talk about their work but self-confidence allows a person to remain silent and let his work speak for him.
So, even if you are suffering a lot inside, if you are smiling on the outside, it makes a huge difference in your behavior.

You can see many examples of this in sports where people let their action speaks instead of their mouth.

3. Have A Confidence Buddy :

Imagine a person with whom you could reveal anything with no consequence of any kind. If you have such a person, you are among a lucky few.

A lot of people don’t have this luxury, and whenever they are feeling low, they can’t sit down and boost their confidence.

If you are in a similar position, where you can’t trust a person, try writing an online diary with an anonymous name. You don’t have to share your writing, just write down a few memories of your past to cheer yourself up.

Once you have filled enough pages, you could just read those pages to make you feel better. This confidence buddy will change the way you handle downs in your life forever.

4. Have A Personalized Powerpack Playlist :

Songs have an unconscious effect on our brain. Whether we are working, learning, or doing anything else, some songs give us the motivation to do our job faster and efficiently.

If you don’t believe us, try cleaning your room with absolute silence and then try cleaning while your favorite song is played in the back. You don’t even notice the time during the second turn.
That’s the magic of powerful songs. You can get this playlist on the internet, which contains popular music. Or you could make your own personalized playlist.

Whatever you decide, just play them in the back when you are feeling down or doing something you don’t like. You will feel self-confident to wish the work quickly.

5. Have An Alter-Ego :

There is a popular scene in Silicon Valley, where a character takes on the role of alter ego to get a low price on certain services. Funny enough, it worked for him.

This is a gag that works in real-life as well. That is why you see celebrities; sales representatives act out façade to their advantage. There is a chance that it might go downhill, but it is very rare.

So, whenever you are going on the stage or to an important interview or anything else. Just talk to your alter the desired ego and ask him how he will act.

Play it out exactly in a way that person would. So, if you are in a tough spot, just talk to your alter ego for advice, and things would be fine.

But remember this alter ego should be diametrically opposite to your behavior for this exercise to give you self-confidence.

So, these are a few exercises you can practice daily to boost your self-confidence and relish the perks that come with it.

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