How To Become a More Positive Person

Having a positive attitude and overcoming
negative thoughts and emotions is not
always a given. But being a positive and
optimistic person can improve your quality o
life and prolong your life.
If you want to take advantage of a happier,
healthier lifestyle, here are some ways to
become a more positive person:

1. Be Present:

Almost all of our unhappiness, anger,
resentment and regret are caused by
thinking about the past. And almost all
worries, fears, and stress arise from thinking
about the future.

The only thing we can control is the moment.
Focusing on the present allows you to focus
on the present task rather than dwelling on
the past or worrying about the future, and
we have no control over either.

2. Practice Gratitude:

One way to overcome negative thoughts and
replace them with positive thoughts is to
practice gratitude.
Practicing gratitude never fails to provide and
Cut the dry dose of perspective. The most
important thing in life is not what happerns,
but how you react to it.
When you feel frustrated or in a dark place,
think about what you are grateful for. This
will usually relieve some of your frustration
and sadness, and help you create a positive
attitude when you are feeling down.

3. Do Something Good.:

It’s easy to get lost in our own world of pain
and forget the people around us. Going
beyond your daily routine to help others can
offer a great perspective and fill you with
Try to do something nice for other people
every day.
Call a family member or friend who needs
kind words, compliments a stranger, or do
your best to help a coworker get the job
done, or join the thousands of caffeinated
people at “prepaid” Starbucks.

4. Food:

The food we eat has a huge impact on how
we feel and how our brain functions. Foods
that can positively affect mood are foods tha
contain probiotics such as kimchi, miso, and
Because food with probiotics helps increase
our gut bacteria (microbiome) and this, in
turn, affects our brain.
Also include more vegetables and fruits in
your diet and avoid junk food, processed
foods, caffeine, and sugar. Eat whole grains
instead of white rice, white bread, etc.

5. Go Out

It has been proven that being in nature
stimulates positive thinking. If going for a
walk isn’t an option, try adding more plants
around your workspace or even watching
nature on YouTube if anxiety or stress builds

In one study, people who watched stressful
movies were then exposed to either shots of
nature or of urban life. Results? Those who
have spent time contemplating the beauty of
Mother Earth will recover from stress more

6. Do Exercise Regularly:

Exercise when you want your mood to
change. Research into the relationship
between exercise and emotions shows
that being active helps you be happier and
You don’t have to train for a marathon to
reap the benefits. In fact, a 10-minute walkor
yoga session has been shown to be effective.

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