How To Start A Healthy Diet

Every day, people pledge to start eating healthy and to lose weight. However, this pledge becomes very difficult to maintain for some as they slowly go back to their old eating habits.


Living a healthy life should be everyone’s aim. A healthy lifestyle prevents illnesses such as lowering the risk of becoming obese or diabetic and prevents the chance of having a severe heart condition.


It also proves to make people happier. Follow these few and simple rules to have a successful healthy diet :

  • • Eat fewer calories and avoid liquid calories like the plague.
  • • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • • Forget about junk food.
  • • Eat only unprocessed foods.
  • • Increase your water intake.

The beginning of a new diet or exercise regime is the hardest part. In those first few days, you will crave for the food you have decided to cut out of your diet. The cravings become stronger and it seems like everywhere you turn, that food you are craving is staring at you. In these moments, you need to remain steadfast for your own good.


Start slow, remain focused, and you will start seeing and feeling the results of your perseverance. To ease the transition from unhealthy eating to healthy eating, try to make a realistic plan instead of making a drastic change. Herein are a few tips to start and maintain a healthy diet:

1. Eat good fats :

Cutting out fats entirely from your diet will not help you lose weight or stay healthy. It will, instead, cause harm to your body. Of the four types of fats – saturated, mono-saturated, trans fat, and polyunsaturated fat – you only need to avoid ingesting trans-fat. The other three are important for your good health. 

2. Keep a stock of healthy foods at home :

Instead of junk food, stock your refrigerator with healthy snacks such as nuts, sprouts, and wheat cookies. You can also serve your guests these healthy snacks.


If you can’t seem to find any healthy snacks to buy, there are many recipes on the internet from almost anything.



Put your time in making alternative healthy food for your diet. Throw out the food you have healthy alternatives for. Get rid of all the soft drinks and commit to water and healthy drinks made at home. 

3. Never skip breakfast :

Have your breakfast like a king and dinner like a slave. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and you should have the healthiest meal.


It will help you to remain energized all day, thereby lessening your calorie intake over the course of the day. 


4. Eat a handful of snacks :

As the day progresses, you might have urges to eat. To avoid making bad food choices, always plan ahead by having snacks to eat.


This is not junk, donuts or such, but fruits and nuts. Eat in small amounts and don’t ever binge.

5. Avoid processed food :

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre your body needs. They have a lot of antioxidants and are also known to slow the aging process.


Read the label’s ingredients of the food you buy. Generally, most foods are processed, but avoid things such as canned fruit and vegetables and the convenience foods such as precooked and frozen food.


Look to cutting down on your sugar and starch intake.


Staying healthy and losing weight come with many challenges. The most difficult part for many will be maintaining and sticking to the healthy diet.


There are no exceptions and no cheat days. If you follow all the above-mentioned pointers, you will see favourable results. 

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