How To Train Your Brain To Be More Optimistic

Being optimistic can be extremely beneficial for your health and also in the shaping of your personality. Usually, we tend to feel low whenever we face a problem. These tips would hopefully help you improve your ability to remain optimistic in difficult situations. 

1.Choose your company wisely

Your company decides what you become. Like the saying goes, show me your friend and I would tell you who you are. People around you can immensely affect your thoughts and actions. It is very necessary to have good people around you who inspire and motivate you.  A company of pessimistic people will fill you with negativity.


The more time you spend with persons who are optimistic, the more will you remain happy.

2. Acknowledge your limitations

It is impossible for everyone to be the master of all trades.  Every person has shortcomings and it is unwise to expect to be perfect in all fields.  Being content with what skills life has given you is key to a happy life. When you compare yourself with others, you get trapped in a cycle of self-bashing. Instead of regretting what you lack, you must learn to completely enjoy what you have been bestowed with. Moreover, you may compare yourself with others in a positive way.


For instance, instead of thinking if you had a better car than your neighbour, you should think that if I work as hard my neighbour, I could own a better car.

3. Create happy memories

Life has numerous happy moments for us but everything depends on our ability to find them. 


The more we associate with happy moments, the larger are the chances of staying happy. By creating happy memories, we can remain happy for longer duration of times. Whenever you are feeling unhappy about something, try to remember events of your life which have had a positive effect on you.

4. Eat healthy

To be energetic for the whole day, you must eat enough to fuel you. A hungry (wo)man is an angry (wo)man.. A balanced diet will help you to stay healthy while a full belly goes a long way in making you content. You must make sure that your diet contains the proper amount of fats and carbohydrates. You should eat green vegetables and lots of fruits to ensure adequate intake of oxygen in the body. 

These tips will certainly help you remain positive and have an optimistic outlook towards the life. These will not only help you become a better person but will also help you be more successful

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