How To Walk Away From A Fight

How To Walk Away From A Fight

First off, a clarification of what a fight is or entails. To start, debate or arguments cannot and should not be considered as fights. For this, we will be considering only verbal and physical altercations as fights.


Fights can occur at any place or time in today’s world where almost everyone is full of frustration, stress and other emotional outbursts and of course, online. Now, there are two options when you find yourself in a situation which can lead to a fight, the fight or flight choices. Either you can fight or simply walk away from it. When you choose the flight option rather than fighting, it does not mean you are a coward or a weak person; it is just you choosing the option which you find safe. The path of least resistance. It means you have decided the issue is not one worth fighting over. You have picked what battle to fight and which to walk from.  Here are ways of making that decision.

• Stay calm

Staying calm in situations of extreme emotion or tension is not easy. The other party is trying to rile you up. However, being able to stay calm is an advantage. You are able to dispassionately look at things and make logical decisions. The angrier you get, the harder it will be to walk away. Don’t try to insult or blame the other person and let your anger fade away and think rationally. Also, consider what the other person is trying to say and react according to it.

• See it from the other side

The other way to walk away in a fight which is on the verge of becoming physical is to assess the other person’s anger level and try to pacify that person. Also, you can set your pride and ego aside and apologise. There is no shame in apologizing to let peace reign. 


If you feel that a fight can start, just avoid it in its first place. Tell the person you are walking away before that person starts something. If the person is becoming more violent, just reach a safe place and get help. 

• Seize the initiative

Now there are some badass ways you can put an end to a fight. Maintaining eye contact, you can in a very firm voice and in no uncertain terms tell the other person you are in no mood for a fight. This show of strength can really give the other person pause. S/he would quickly reconsider if they want to start a fight with you.

Fighting not only damages you physically but it can damage you mentally to a great extent. It can break relations, get you injured, get you arrested or even more. So, always look to avoid it. There is no shame in walking away from a fight as it proves that you can control your emotions and think rationally. I want to conclude this article by some beautiful line said by Jackie Chan, Sometimes the only way to win a fight is to just walk away.

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