Mending A Broken Relationship

A romantic relationship is usually a binding force that holds two people together, two people who feel connected on one or more levels. It usually is defined by love, trust, affection, and care. It is a situation that requires constant effort on the part of the people involved or else it would slowly disintegrate.


When there is discord, or a fight, or a misunderstanding, it is advisable to immediately take care of it. Do not let it fester. Find ways to mend what has been broken and find a way to move on from there. 


Below are a few things to do to get your relationship back on track

1. Show concern

Do not let your anger cause you to forget you do care for your partner. Being angry with your significant other is no reason to not be concerned for and about them. In action, thought and words, you should show that you are always there for your partner.

2. Listen to your partner

Always listen to what your partner has to say. Do not shush or ignore him/her. Most importantly, do not listen to reply or attack a point. Rather, listen to understand and see things from his/her point of view. With patience, you will get a clear picture of where the misunderstanding stemmed from and how you can avoid a re-occurrence moving forward.

3. Forgive each other

Forgiving your partner can be hard sometimes, but it is an important part of a relationship. There are times forgiveness might take a while, but do not stop trying. Forgiveness allows you let go of repressed outrage, agony, and feelings. It also ensures these things do not undermine all the progress you both have made in your relationship. Always keep in mind that if there was no forgiveness, there wouldn’t be a single working relationship on the planet.

Relationships are about forgiveness and compromises.

4. Recall the good days

For those times when you find it difficult to see why you should save your relationship, think of the good days. Think of those days of joy, laughter and camaraderie you both shared before things started going downhill. Doing this helps you declutter your mind and remember why you elected to be with this person. Weigh things and if you feel you want that time back, then work on your relationship. 

5. Accept your part

Stop blaming. Start Accepting. 


Casting blame is easy while accepting your part in the damage done to the relationship is usually hard. Accepting blame, instead of casting it, is a good step towards healing. There is no loss in accepting and apologizing to your partner. If both partners realize and accept their faults and apologize for it, they would be better able to find a way forward.

6. Hold on to your mutual respect

Everyone deserves to be respected. Don’t, because of a fight or misunderstanding, disrespect your partner. Do not be verbally or physically abusive. This respect also extends to giving each other space for personal growth and never crossing set out trigger lines.

7. Go out together

Take a break from the stress of daily life to work on your relationship. Set a day aside to spend time together, do fun activities and communicate extensively about the things you find negatively affecting your relationship. Going for a long walk together is not a bad idea, especially if it is in a calm and quiet place like a park or a nature hike. 

Relationships do not fix themselves. Effort from both individuals must be put into relationships for them to last; only they can fix what is broken. Seek to make your relationships whole again. 

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