PUBG: Negative Impacts And Overcoming The Addiction

PUBG is one game that swept through 2018, gaining and holding people’s attention, taking over the internet and social media space so much so WhatsApp group chats are flooded with PUBG discussions.


What started as a simple entertaining game has become an obsession now. People now find it harder than usual to part from their smartphones, keeping their eyes on their phone screens as they seek to come out victorious. Before this addiction reaches epidemic status, please read on and see how it has negatively affected us and tips on reducing the addiction to it.

1. Your social life is non-existent

If you go out of your room only when you have to eat, the frequency of which has also become very low so you can allot more time to  PUBG, then, my friend, you are an addict already and you need to realise that you are completely cut off now from your friends and family.


Our friends and our family are the two most important relationships in our lives and we need to maintain this connection. PUBG cannot comfort, help nor give advice when life throws you a curveball.


2. It is frustrating

I have seen PUBG players cursing and using abusive language when they lose, throwing all their sophistication into the gutter. Much as it is supposed to be a stress-reliever, PUBG has morphed into a competitive and frustration-inducing game that people have become heavily invested in.

3. Everything is at stake

Many people are so engrossed in playing PUBG now that they have put important things like their job or studies at risk. Teenagers now either stab a class, zone out in class or skip school entirely, adults skip work or do not fully concentrate as they are either playing or looking to quickly return to playing PUBG. Even rest, especially sleep, is often sacrificed. You need to realise that this is going to end someday and there is no point in derailing your health and future for a game.

4. Violent reactions

The game is violent in nature, filled with fights, guns and murders. There is a slight chance that this can seep into a player’ off-game behaviour. This game is transforming our lives for the worst and even the health of the people is deteriorating.

How To Beat This Addiction

1. Indulge in other things

There are so many things, interesting, edifying and productive things, that you can spend the valuable you spend on PUBG on instead. Activities like swimming, going to the gym, playing other outdoor games, reading a book, gardening, going on a trip with your friends are better ways of spending your time.

There is so much to do and life is so short so why waste it over a game that is just a passing fancy.

2. Try the 21-day ritual

You know, you can let go of any addiction or habit in just 21 days. So, put your mind to staying away from PUBG for 21 days and you will get rid of this addiction. Of course, the first few days would be difficult but you can bull through. Start off by uninstalling the game and ensuring you don’t download it again.

3. Imagine your life before the game

You had a pretty well going and happening life before you started playing the game, and you were living, right? So what is the big deal now? You can live without the game, you would not die if you don’t play PUBG.



If it’s so difficult, consider giving your phone to someone older for a few days (you can live without the phone too!). After a few days, the urge would have abated though you have to ignore the many pop-ups and advertisements everywhere.

4. Counselling

This is the last but a necessary step. If the addiction has become uncontrollable, you need to see a counsellor. Though it is just a game, too much of anything is dangerous. The sooner you recognise it is an addiction, the better. Do not feel too big or ashamed to seek help.


  • 1. Self-control is the most important thing.
  • 2. Realize that the game is just virtual and has nothing to do with your real life.
  • 3. Try doing other things the moment you feel an urge to play.
  • 4. Give your phone away for a few days.
  • 5. Stay away from friends that might be PUBG players.
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