five teenagers hit by gunfire outside of Roxboro High School while leaving a football scrimmage a 14 year old was killed authorities believe it was a late afternoon ambush in broad daylight

A 14 Year Old Was Killed Authorities Believe It Was A Late Afternoon Ambush In Broad Daylight

five Roxboro High School football players a 14 year old is now dead the students were all leaving a scrimmage game between Roxboro High Northeast and Boys Latin around 4 30 p.m

on the 300 block of Fairway Terrace that's when police say a light green Ford Explorer pulled up

four students including two 14 year olds a 17 year old in an unknown fourth victim were taken to the hospital three are stable one of the 14 year olds died

at 509 PM from a bullet to the chest the fifth student was treated on scene for a gray's wound

school officials expressed outrage regarding the violence as School known throughout the community

as a safe place officials discussed the possibility of beefing up police patrols at scrimmages and practices

Bud rigner's ninth grade son was in the middle of the gunfire terrifying moments for kids parents and residents after five kids were shot while walking off Roxboro High School's football field players

Chase Gallagher was sitting in an adjacent Park when he heard the gunfire I ran down the hill a little bit and then I was cool I didn't see nothing so I just was chilling