Why Sex important in life? What Happen To Your Body When You Don't Have Sex For A While

We are living in 2020, and sex is still a taboo in the majority of countries around the world. People are afraid to mention sex in a social gathering.
People are so concerned about sex is that there are diagnose for sex addiction. However, no one speaks about the lack of physical intimacy and how it affects a person.
A lot of people suffer from a lack of sex, and it has some serious side-effects on our body both physically and mentally.
Here are 6 things that happen to your body when you don’t engage in sex for a long time.

1. Low Self-esteem :

If we look at sex objectively, it is a process when someone else wants to touch your body and feel it. If no one shows interest in having sex with you, our mind starts to figure out why it is.
In the end, we conclude we are not good enough to get laid. We are not handsome or beautiful for anyone. This results in low self-esteem, which creeps in other parts of our like career, social gatherings, games, etc. Even when we finally get laid, we don’t get out of the pit of low-esteem.

2. Inefficient Immune System :

Several researches show that regular sex improves our immunity system. So, if you are having sex at a lower frequency, you are prone to cold and other common fever.
This is due to the fact that when we have regular sex, our body releases immunoglobulin A; this is an antibody that helps our immunity system fight off fever and cold.
Not only kill, but it is also the first line of defense against any foreign invader in our body. So, a lack of this antibody reduces the efficiency of our immunity system.

3. Prostate Cancer And Vaginal Injury :

If you are a man who doesn’t have sex regularly, you are vulnerable to prostate cancer. Prostate cancer doesn’t show symptoms unless it is in the latter stage.
Moreover, even masturbation can’t help with cancer, and in many cases, it is terminal. While for the women, if you aren’t engaging in sex regularly, the walls of the vagina get thickens.
This makes them prone to injuries, and you also have a hard time feces. So, if you are middle-age person, you need to engage in sex more often as both these condition makes for a difficult living ahead.

4. Lower Blood Pressure And Heart Disease :

Sex makes us happy, and it also reduces the stress level in our body. Another unknown advantage of having sex is that it releases a hormone known as endorphins.
This helps us relax and calm down, which in turn lowers our blood pressure for a couple of days.
Similarly, having sex reduces the level of homocysteine in our body. This is a chemical that is responsible for triggering cardiac arrest in your body. So, if like eating lots of oily food, add sex to your list of exercise.

5. It Slows Down Your Brain Growth :

We know this sounds childish or a myth made up by doctors to get laid. For that, we have a small experiment for you.
Schedule a pub quiz or an online one, then an hour before the quiz engages in sex, and see how you perform and rate it to your normal score. You would be astonished by the level of difference between the two scores.
Sex increases our fluent speech and our ability to visualize complex questions. Recently, a study shows that sex increases the growth of brain sex in a middle-aged rat.

6. Emotional Connection :

Sex is both a physical and a mental need of our body. People often overlook the emotional need for sex. Sharing an intimate moment is a very rare experience in one’s life, which he holds as an achievement for the rest of his life.
It is also a sign that you and your partner are taking the relationship to the next level. If your partner denies having sex, it cast doubts in your mind whether they are serious about the relationship or not.
This leads you to trip down overthinking, which doesn’t end unless you have sex with your partner. In most cases, the ending isn’t sweet, and a promising relationship is broken.
A breakup hurts everyone, whether they show or not is a different thing.
So, these are some side effects which your body faces when you don’t have sex in a while. Although you might ignore jokes on your celibacy and but you shouldn’t ignore your body’s call for sex.

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