Why the Freelance Life isn't for Everyone

Due to hectic long working hours at office, people leave their workplaces for the solaces of home defying all odd working hours and traffic bothers, the pool of freelancers is doubtlessly on the splurge.
You are thinking about being one of them, isn’t that so? Hang on! Check your nerves. Hope you are certainly not faint-hearted!


To be a freelancer you have to work your guts out to be able to strive in the business or industry.
Look at the specific employment posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, there is no lack of freelancers ready to work at nut costs and grab the chance.


You have to sort out yourself way too well before you quit your steady 9 to 5 work area job. It may sound too good to be in any way ready to work in a cushioned homely atmosphere, to have the option to pick your own working hours and avoid being stuck in crazy gridlocked traffic.



But, you have to consider the following points before you hop for what probably won’t be for you:

1. Truly Consider Why You're Doing It :

Freelancing can be troublesome or truly stress-free, depending upon what your objectives are.

If you are searching for a steady source of pay to help a family, working as a freelancer in the gig economy likely isn’t the most practical decision since numerous employments are unpredictable regarding pay, demand and work.

2. Insecure Income :

Not at all like your full time work, where respectfully you are given a fat check at the beginning of the month, outsourcing is 99% especially appointed.

You may have stores of clients and money spilling in your record on one event, however, you might just be left within no way another second.

Having intense dreams and a fat check in your bank is extraordinary. In any case, on a practical note, it might start past the point of no return as you have quite recently begun your occupation again. Be persistent.

3. Would you be able to Handle Rejection :

Editing, modifications and rejections are a part of freelancer’s profession. You may work too difficult to even think about applying for a task, regardless of how great you are, rejection can come in easily.

Try not to be disheartened. You need to stoically confront dismissals and continue trying. There’s absolutely no way to give up.


The clients examine and recruit the best, so rejection will undoubtedly occur. In outsourcing regardless of whether you invest a good time of the day preparing for the application, remain strong if it doesn’t get approved.

4. Be Receptive to Change :

To be a freelancer a couple of changes are probably going to happen around you.

Be prepared! Convincing the family that you will be working as a freelancer however wouldn’t be a beck and call away as in office is challenging. You must be on the toes and keep working as your work doesn’t change, just the official working environment changes. 


You ought to be responsive to the new work environment (home) and give the family members some time to get familiar with you sticking around all time.


Another recognizable change is that you must be open and susceptible to changes and recently, developing patterns in outsourcing or freelancing.

5. You Lack Assurance and Consistency :

There aren’t numerous laws that protect freelancers. Also, there is no worker’s remuneration coverage either, so if you are harmed or injured on a gig and can’t work, you are answerable for that loss of pay and any doctor’s visit expenses. Not all freelancers have protection either, so the expenses could be high.


Freelancer life is not so easy. One month you may have five clients and make all that enough cash to take care of bills and get by, however, the next month you may have none.

There is no stability or assurance that you’ll have consistent work or pay to start with one month then onto the next.

Independent work is the fantasy of many yet the truth of few. This is because when you become independently employed, you give up a lot of the extravagances of a customary job.
Things like health insurance paid time off and lead generation included in full-time jobs and harder to come by when you work as a freelancer.

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